New website!

13 July 2015

Website coming soon - websiteThe world is changing fast…but so do we! That’s why we decided to upgrade ddock.com with a brand new design that fits today’s world and the future of tomorrow. What can you expect? More interaction, a bigger focus on our interior designs and a platform for our innovative concepts, topped with the characteristic D/DOCK flavor. Moreover, we have been involved with a multitude of new and exciting projects over the last few months, which have been stored up our sleeves ready for the launch of our new website. Keep an eye on our social media channels and ddock.com for the expected launch late July!



Delivered: VUmc Topwerkplein

22 June 2015

StilteruimteWouter Bos, chairman of the VUmc Amsterdam, officially opened the newest Brightsite ‘Topwerkplein’ earlier this month. With the addition of this flexible work area, the hospital did not only moved into a more flexible way of working, it is now the first academic hospital in The Netherlands that included powernaps into their work environment. According to sports doctor Kasper Janssen who was also invited to join the festive opening; “a powernap is a real energizer, not only at home but especially at work.”


The hub covers 520 square meters in total and offers meeting spaces, team tables, living room workspaces, a brainstorm spot and a presentation room, where supporting staff can both concentrate and relax. The space is divided into several lounges split up into high-energy environments and concentration areas. The three powernap chairs make this design an innovative one: comfortable chairs with a view overlooking the outdoors where you can really unwind by closing the ceiling-high curtains, communicating through a light whenever they are in use. It offers a real energy boost in the daily bustle of the hospital, which probably explains the popularity so far!


Happy Holidays!

19 December 2014

Google Kerstkaart website Looking back on a thriving year, we wish you happy holidays and an inspiring 2015!


Our studio stays open during the holidays with the exception of Thursday the 25th and Friday the 26th of December and Thursdag the 1st of January. See you in 2015! The D/DOCKERS




Crossroads pictures online

9 October 2014

Fotos online Crossroads website 300x200The pictures are in! Enjoy a quick look back on Crossroads and the party in celebration of 10 years D/DOCK. We have published them on the Facebook pages of Crossroads and D/DOCK so check them out and feel free to tag yourself! O, and if you’re there anyways, don’t forget to like us!  Sit back and enjoy.


Photography: Mitchell van Voorbergen



5 October 2014

Crossroads foto websiteA big thank you to everyone who attended Crossroads last week and who made this event possible. With a total of 145 attendees, 4 roundtable guests and 13 speakers from all over the world, the event turned out to be a great success! “We are proud that we found Mariëlle Tweebeeke prepared to act as moderator. She truly took the program to the next level during the roundtable session where all crossroads came together naturally”, Coen van Dijck, partner and managing director at D/DOCK, explains. According to Coen the NOS and Nieuwsuur presenter was the right person to question the rapidly changing world. “I believe that the answer to todays changing world lies within long-term solutions. This was successfully embodied in the event by means of innovative design and smart business cases”, Mariëlle explains.


During Crossroads we have heard from many game changers including innovative architects and interior designers, professional healthcare executives, (environmental) psychologists, and researchers and ambitious entrepreneurs. These great minds shared big ideas build around topics as empathy, health and happiness. They all had one common vision: creating a better and sustainable tomorrow by crossing disciplines and joining forces. As Fiona de Vos, one of the Crossroads session speakers, concluded: “you have to go out of your comfort zone to come where the magic happens’.

www.x-road.nl now live!

18 July 2014

xroad.nl website 300x200The website of the Crossroads seminar is now live! And we are very excited about the end result. Besides the program and interesting articles related to the seminar, you are able to meet the speakers. You will get to learn more about their background and what motivates them, and you can read more about their presentation. You are also able to sigh up for our newsletter to stay updated.


In short, plenty of reasons to visit x-road.nl! And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter while you are at it.

NH Hoteles Groningen

CLIENT: NH Hoteles

LOCATION: Groningen




D/DOCK is responsible for the interior design of NH Groningen, which is based on the new corporate styling of the hotel chain. The same concept is adapted in the NH …

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