The world is changing rapidly. With that, architecture and design is changing. That’s why we like to do things slightly different at D/DOCK. We create and realize interior designs and concepts that go beyond the physical and aesthetics alone by constantly challenging dogmas. Sustainable solutions that are future-proof and build around human requirements.

We adopt a multidisciplinary working method in which design, project management and consultancy are the ingredients for tailor-made designs that make a difference. In work environments, healthcare, education, retail and hospitality. Solutions that fit today’s changing reality and the future of tomorrow.

Welcome to D/DOCK.


At D/DOCK we like to color outside the lines. This attitude evolved into a constant hunger for new opportunities, working on both domestic and international projects. We collaborated with national and international respected clients, operating in countries such as Belgium, Germany, England, Austria, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, China and the island of Aruba.

Especially China has embraced our vision, which led to a sustainable partnership and the founding of D/DOCK China in the first quarter of 2015. A team of 32 local and talented designers from Chengdu work together with our studio in Amsterdam on the creation and realization of challenging projects: interior designs with an outspoken D/DOCK signature and a Chinese twist.


Actively participating in shaping the changing world and making it a better and more beautiful place by means of well-thought design and architecture. That’s what D/DOCK strives for. Every day again.

By actively anticipating to market developments and identifying and translating the future needs of potential clients, we are able to deliver custom-made designs that work. Sustainability, health and feasibility are key in that.

We adopt a multidisciplinary working method that enables us to be part of the transformation process many market segments are facing right now. This, together with the inspiring enthusiasm of our clients, motivates us to be a front-runner in our industry. Every day again.


Turning top-notch design into profitable business cases for our clients and contributing to a better world: with this mission statement we started the studio more than ten years ago, still unaware of the bright future ahead of us.

Founded by partner and Managing Director Wouter Fris in his very own living room at the Entrepotdok in Amsterdam, deciding on a name was easy. The design studio had to be a docking system of various disciplines, known for its custom-made interior designs and innovative concept development, loyal to its roots. And et voilà: D/DOCK was born.

Today, the D/DOCK team draws on an international network of experts, collaborating with professionals in the industry, who all share the passion for what they do. From our studio in the very heart of Amsterdam surrounded by the famous canals, this group of young creators works together on the realization of innovative design solutions.

Along with co-founders Francesco Messori and Edward van der Poll, Wouter Fris found a successor in Coen van Dijck, to prepare the studio for the next decades to come. Together they form an energetic duo supported by a quirky group of D/DOCKERS who all speak the same language: design.


Together with our international team of interior designers, concept designers, architects, technical draftsmen, graphic designers, food designers and stylists, we share the ambition to combine high-end interior design with innovative concept development. We not only strive to contribute to a better world but also positively influence the performance and success of our clients. Our multidisciplinary working method, combined with a highly controlled design process, are the ingredients for top-notch designs with a high-end finishing.

D/Project Management

Good design alone is not enough in order to successfully complete a project. That’s why our designers team up with our project managers for every single project, no matter what size or budget. Our project managers are specialized in real estate-, design- and construction management; they guide our design team and clients through the entire process from the formulation of the scope to the completion of the project, in which planning, budget and quality prevail.

We believe that project management is more than monitoring and reporting alone. Our pragmatic approach makes us quick on our feet, no matter what circumstances. It enables us to change direction when changes pop up that could jeopardize the time frame while finding solutions to make up for precious time when needed.


Our multidisciplinary working method forms the solid base for our consultancy services focused on interior design and construction. Conducting feasibility studies and guiding your organization in the changing ways of working are examples of these services. Additionally, we can advice you on MEP related assignments; a crucial component of a healthy and sustainable work environment. Together with the team of D-Science, consisting of a design researcher and an environmental psychologist, we assess your current work- or treatment environment by means of scientific research, followed by an advice on how to optimally adapt a design to the needs of the end-users.