For almost one year D/DOCK collaborates with Spaces (part of IWG) to develop inspiring co-working environments. The first challenge for D/DOCK was the assignment for a new co-working spot in The Outlook close to Schiphol Airport. Based in this project, new connections arose between the two organizations and since then Spaces can count on a dedicated D/DOCK team, which completely focusses on the new European locations for this well-known co-working concept. D/DOCK may call themselves their official partner in Design.

Jump start
Spaces is developing a complete new environment together with Microsoft Nederland, in the building The Outlook. Where Microsoft focusses on the online world, does Spaces care for an inspiring work environment for entrepreneurs. This combination makes this project unique.

D/DOCK is responsible for 2.500m2 office space with a Business Club of 1000m2 on the top floor. The delivery date is end of 2018. (Keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest news.)

Spaces offers small and bigger companies flexible workspaces and meeting rooms. Founded in Amsterdam but the company is already expanding to 31 countries. The successful Spaces concept consists of a rich community of thinkers, achievers and imagineers. This perfectly fits with D/DOCK’s vision of community and co-creation, always with a clear focus to be leading in a changing world. In the design studio (technical-) designers, architects, graphic designers and projectmanagers work closely together to realize several projects simultaneously which succeed rapidly one after another.

“It’s a challenge to apply our concept worldwide and to develop quality design, which is one of our pillars. We’ve carefully selected a few design partners like D/DOCK. We have trust in our collaboration with D/DOCK and are looking forward to new beautiful Spaces locations” says Frederique Keuning, Creative Director/co-founder Spaces. D/DOCK decided to set up a complete team to manage the dynamic assignments for Spaces. It works with the Spaces Design Guide as a basis, but they always add some D/DOCK flavor to the locations.

European expansion

Every project finds itself in a different phase of the design. “If we receive the layout of a building, we are visiting the site for research with a group. We are looking around, also to see in what kind of surroundings the building is” says Design Lead Anne Noordink. Then the design phase starts. “In a short amount of time we can apply the Spaces design to the specific locations’ characteristics. We do get some freedom to add our own creativity”.

So, this is a great collaboration of which we will see the results soon in real life in Amsterdam / Schiphol, Paris, Gotenburg, Brussels, Kiev, Mechelen, Copenhagen, Malmö and Vienna.