Wouter Bos, chairman of the VUmc Amsterdam, officially opened the newest Brightsite ‘Topwerkplein’. With the addition of this flexible work area, the hospital not only adopted a more flexible way of working, it is now the first academic hospital in The Netherlands that included powernaps into their work environment. According to sports doctor Kasper Janssen who was also invited to join the festive opening; “a powernap is a real energizer, not only at home but especially at work.”

The hub covers 520 square meters in total and offers meeting spaces, team tables, living room workspaces, a brainstorm spot and a presentation room, where supporting staff can both concentrate and relax. The space is divided into several lounges split up into high-energy environments and concentration areas. The three powernap chairs make this design an innovative one: comfortable chairs with a view overlooking the outdoors where you can really unwind by closing the ceiling-high curtains, communicating through a light whenever they are in use. It offers a real energy boost in the daily bustle of the hospital, which probably explains the popularity so far!

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