Client: Macaw

Location: Hoofddorp

Surface: 1500 m2

Project: Office design and project management

Completion: 2017

“Going home with more energy at the end of the day”

This was the assignment of the management of Macaw gave to interior design agency D/DOCK.

Macaw: “In our view, employees come first. We are proud of the fact that we have been awarded ‘Best employer of the Netherlands’ four times, most recently in 2012, and we are still in the top 10 every year.

Finding and keeping personnel is a major challenge in the current IT market. A workplace that is attractive and really helps you do your work properly supports us in this. We want to be and remain an attractive employer. In addition, we are convinced that the workplace has a major influence on the wellbeing of our employees.

This is why we want to create a work environment that fully supports the health and happiness of employees and enables each colleague to perform optimally. “Going home with MORE energy at the end of the day” is what our new office should offer. This way we want to make our own employees our largest recruitment channel.

We joined forces with D/DOCK, which created an office concept that enables us to reach this objective: the Healing Offices.”

About Macaw

Macaw was founded in 1994 and is an IT service provider specialising in Microsoft technology. Over the years they developed into a full service digital partner.

Macaw already asked D/DOCK to make a concept for their new office in 2013. To make maximum use of the concept and to let it fit in with the vision and objectives of Macaw, the decision was made to build new offices in Hoofddorp.

Macaw’s reaction

“The new design comprises exactly what we need at Macaw! Both the building and the environment are much better equipped for working and relaxing. The interior design stimulates movement and more personal contact and cooperation. Will we now again be awarded ‘’Best employer of the Netherlands?’ I don’t know, but I am certain that it will help us gain a few places. And more importantly: health and happiness will be a larger aspect of our company culture and DNA.”

Ronald van Es
CFO Macaw

Scientific support of the new office concept

In order to gain scientific support that the new office will really be better for its employees, Macaw involved D/Science so it can say with strong conviction that they have an evidence-based design. D/Science’s mission is to fully connect environments to the wishes and needs of the end users, and mainly wants to offer insight into the ‘soft factors’.

D/Science integrates knowledge of environmental psychology and scientific studies in the design process. This study consists of an inventory of the previous office and a survey among employees. The results of this study provide insight into which needs the new workplace should provide for and the impact of the changes in the environment on productivity.

Anicee Bauer of D/Science: “In the past decades we learned a lot about how crucial the environment is when it concerns health and happiness – we can simply no longer ignore it. You may have the best business strategy – but if you don’t take the work environment along with this strategy, you create a disadvantage for the employees and for the company.”

Second Life furniture via Furnify

Apart from being specific about corporate social responsibility, Macaw believes that reuse of furniture strengthens the bond between employees. Macaw has an eye for these types of matters and thinks before throwing out old furniture.

So if good quality furniture is available on the market, this should be used. The chosen products are carefully upstyled and perfectly fit in with the design for Macaw.

Through cooperation with Furnify approximately 65% of the furniture is reused.

For instance, two large tables made of an old gym floor from a school in Venlo. The lines of the playing fields are still visible on the table top.

The boardroom table was also used previously. It became an oval table with a rustic oak table top, sawed from a large sheet and resprayed with biobased paint (paint made of natural raw materials).

The design and the realisation

– The whole interior was designed according to the design qualities of the Healing Officeconcept, which means that all work typologies, the flow, the chosen materials and the forms are validated by the guidelines of environmental psychology.

– This was also applied to the design of Furnify’s second life furniture. Apart from involvement in our CSR objectives, it also has an influence on the pride of employees: “I work for an organisation with an eye for these types of matters”.

– The new office is divided over two floors around a central empty space. This reinforces community strength, internal communication and natural light.

– The office is designed for planned periods of cooperation as well as the unexpected. The workplace is flexible and hybrid and easily adaptable to the individual working styles of the employees.

– Spaces for interaction and communication and spaces for silence, concentration and focus are all represented.

– The design varies from space to space. This is why each conference room was designed uniquely, just like the open workspaces. Attention to accessories, tactile materials and inspiring graphic elements improve the playfulness and the emotional connection with a space.

– Natural elements such as greenery, daylight and soft materials increase the energy and wellbeing of the employees.

The projectteam

Edward van der Poll
Matthijs Werdler
Sanne van Middelaar
Sabrina van Dongen (Furnify)
Anicee Bauer (D/Science)

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